Premium Account

A good premium account should have an unlimited number of downloads, a consistent, maximum download bandwidth, the ability for parallel downloads, hotlinking, instant downloads with no restrictions, resume downloading support and download manager support, encrypted servers, and acceptable download speeds even at peak times or when under heavy load. Here are some more benefits to consider: benefits

The difference between signing up for a free account and a premium subscription is the download throttle- you are no longer slowed down when you register for a premium subscription. Upstore recognizes its premium subscribers by their ip addresses, and promptly directs them to exclusive servers where they have access to uncrowded bandwidth.

You unlock direct access to your cloud content when opting into a premium account, something that free users are not able to do. They will have restrictions in the form of countdown timers telling them when they’ll be able to download again. In addition to that, they will also have to deal with annoying pop-up ads every now and then.

Premium users enjoy larger file size uploads with Free users get only about 1 to 2 GB worth of space per account. Consider that most HD and 4k videos nowadays come in around 2 to 3 GB worth, and the free trade off simply doesn’t make the cut. That, and uploads are severely limited in free accounts.

You also have the ability to upload your data content directly to the cloud using a URL link with a premium subscription. Doing this eliminates the added step of having to locate a computer to upload the files you want to the cloud. URL is a useful tool that applies to a lot of network technology. You can apply this to FTP server files, URIs and even torrent files. Many people may not know that is one of the few that has this feature. It’s all relatively simple- all you need is to enter the specific URL address and the file will be downloaded straight to your cloud account.

A premium subscription comes with unlimited cloud storage. You won’t ever need to worry about reaching the storage limit when signing up for premium subscription. You can also forget about putting your precious data on external storage devices, managing which files to delete and which ones to keep.

One great premium feature is that allows for parallel downloads. Free accounts will have to make do with processing one file download at a time, waiting until the current download is completed before going through the next one. has its very own download accelerator technology that ensure a consistent and fast download speed even when your connection is not optimal.